Narborion Origins: Lord Malbor

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Narborion Origins: Lord Malbor
Requirements: 4.4+
Overview: Terrible things are about to happen in the Fangor Boarding School. Will you be able to turn the tide of history, or will you become Lord Malbor, dreaded master vampire and ally of Mordon, Lord of Darkness?

Download:   TheoTown 1.3.20 (Mod Money)

Play as the young Lord Malbor and his two friends Shamos and Cormus. Join the Secret Society of Sorcerers’ Siblings and uncover the mysteries of the dark powers. Enter the ever-changing crypt underneath the school and find out what’s happening in the dark.

Download:   Benji Bananas v1.24 [Mod]

A young adult dark fantasy gamebook awaits!


In Narborion Origins: Lord Malbor, you can:
– play as the dreaded archvillain before he turned to the dark side
– experience a multi-character gamebook
– fight tactical, grid-based combats
– use rune-based magic to destroy your enemies
– enter the HUGE randomized labyrinth under the Fangor School
– fight undead and demons, make decisions that influence the world of Narborion Saga

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