[Substratum] Oxygen 4.01 [Patched]


[Substratum] Oxygen 4.01 [Patched] Requirements: 6.0 & up + Substratum Theme Engine + Root
Overview: This theme will bring over your android 5.x.x – 6.x.x – 7.x.x device with OMS/RRO Legacy support the Oneplus Two and Oneplus X/3 UI style with the possibility to switch with dark and black background and choose the accent that you want.

For a better result you must install Theme Ready Google Apps by Team BlackOut … e-t3113192


– App Google.

– Google Now Launcher.

– Calculator.

– Contacts.

– Dialer.

– Keyboard. (Material Light and Material Dark Themed)

– AOSP Mms.

– Documents UI.

– Nougat Framework.

– Marshmallow Framework.

– Lollipop Framework.

– Layers Manager.

– System UI.

– Google Calculator.

– Google Contacts.

– Google Dialer.

– Google Keyboard. (Material Light and Material Dark Themed)

– Google Package Installer.

– Gmail.

– Google Calendar.

– Google Allo.

– Pixel Launcher.

– Google Inbox.

– Google Play Store.

– Google Plus.

– Google Messenger.

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– Hangouts Theme Ready.

– Google Play Music.

– Package Installer.

– Phone.

– Settings.

– Facebook.

– YouTube.

– XDA Labs.

– Original accent colors from OnePlus X and OnePlus 2.

– Wallpapers and Boot animations.

GPApps Google+


What’s new?
Oxygen 4.0 Update!
– Fixed Google Chrome.
– Reworked Gmail.
– New Quick Settings background colors on 7.x.x rom.
– Added accented QS icons, select from SystemUI overlay.
New application added in this update were tested by me with success on android 7.1.1 rom with substratum support.
– Added Google Photo.
– Added Google Drive.
– Added Google Keep.
– Other fixes.
Update 4.0.1
– Fixes to Google Pixel Launcher.

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Download:   [Substratum] Mono/Art 10.3 [Patched]

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